We recommend that the skirting boards are removed and where possible set aside for re-use.

The wall plaster shall be removed from floor level up to a height of approximately one metre and the debris taken from site and safely disposed of.

The mortar bed at the base of the wall shall be pattern drilled using a series of 10mm holes to the necessary depth.

The wall area shall then be pressure injected using a specially formulated solution of NKP Construction siliconate injection fluid, until the entire depth of the wall is fully impregnated.

The surface of the brickwork must then be tanked using NKP Construction SWS cementicious tanking system, in conjunction with pressure injected waterproof resins.

Where a treated wall adjoins an untreated wall, a vertical damp-proof course shall be installed, by drilling vertically to the necessary height, and injecting a chemical damp proof course. The position of the vertical damp-proof courses are shown on the enclosed sketch plan.

The wall plaster in the areas shown, will be replaced using the NKP Construction specialist rendering system. Kenwood premix waterproof rendering system is factory produced and consists of specially blended dried sands, cement, lime, and aggregates along with polypropylene fibres to reduce shrinkage.

Additionally salt inhibiters and water proofers are added, to combat the ground salts and allow replastering immediately after the damp course installation.

The improvements associated with NKP Construction waterproof rendering system ensure perfectly batched renders everytime, purpose designed to complement our range of damp proofing systems.

Our rendering system is specifically designed for use on damp walls and removes the risk of poorly batched renders which are commonly responsible for the failure of otherwise effective damp treatment.

NKP Construction waterproof rendering system is applied by our own operatives, ensuring complete quality control at all stages.